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Drake Bell
has successfully moved on to pursue his own music and acting career, his visibility on screen has diminished compared to when he starred on the Nickelodeon teen series, Drake & Josh.  But now, fans will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the 21-year-old singer/actor as he promotes two of his upcoming movies slated to hit the theaters later this year.

After four years of playing Drake Parker on Drake & Josh, Bell has welcomed the ‘bittersweet ending” of the series and has concentrated on his growing career as a musician.  He released his debut album “Telegraph” independently in 2005 but has earned more fame with his second album “It's Only Time,” which he continues to promote on tour and on gigs since last summer.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Bell has also acquired a number of movie roles, which kept him busy the past year.  As reported before, he has an upcoming movie called College, a comedy about three high school seniors and their wild weekend visit to a local college campus as prospective freshmen, and the action-spoof Superheroes!

“2008 looks like it will be an exciting one...Both movies I filmed in 2007 will be released on the big screen in March and April.  You know what that means… I will be on your TV's promoting them.  But before I head off to promote the movies, I will be in the studio working on my next album, and we have been talking about another tour in 2008 that may go international, and some more film projects may be lurking around the corner.  You will just need to stay tuned to see what happens next,” Bell said in his official blog.

Bell has reportedly signed a producing deal with Virus Entertainment and will star in The Miracle of Santa Rosa and a mini-series called Flying Tigers.  Meanwhile, his third album is expected to come out in spring.

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